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Posts linked to 'Christmas' category

Festive Ideas!

Posted by Lara Savory on 16 December 2014

If you're in need of some online festive ideas to get you to the end of term, we thought we'd use our Life Ideas slot to help you out!

Warm up with some wintery online learning

Posted by Lara Savory on 27 November 2014

It's time to relaunch our popular Life Event - Winter Festivals. You don't need to go anywhere to access the ideas and resources, just follow the link in this post!

Online learning of a Christmassy nature

Posted by Lara Savory on 14 November 2013

We know it's still November but if the shops can start thinking towards the end of the year then we can too... Read on to find out about ideas and resources around winter festivals for users of any VLE.

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