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Colin's long and not so foggy day

Posted by Colin Green on 19 December 2013

Ever wondered how an INSET day comes across from the trainer's point of view? Colin's latest blog post will definitely enlighten (and entertain) you.

Colin's long and foggy day

Posted by Colin Green on 31 October 2013

Colin Green, one of our fantastic LTTCs (Learning Technologies Trainer & Consultant) describes the trials and tribulations of one of his journeys around the country. Colin's style is most entertaining so we hope you enjoy!

Consultant trainer - What's in a name?

Posted by Ben Sills on 26 September 2013

One of our consultant trainers, Ben Sills, explains his role and the importance of a strategic vision to make the most of your school's online learning opportunities.

Learner drivers - developing a sustainable strategy

Posted by Ben Sills on 15 January 2013

Learning platforms have gone through a whirlwind of change over the last 5 years with a wealth of new functionality and features being made available to schools but is that enough? We can all be wowed, from time to time by exciting features but what makes the difference is the effectiveness of it and the value it adds to your school’s teaching and learning.

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