Changes to the learning activity in Life 2

Posted by Lara Savory on 21 October
Changes to the learning activity in Life 2

The Learning activity is one of the most versatile resources available within the Life platform.

A learning activity can be as simple as a way of allowing students to hand in essays, with or without teacher, self or peer assessment. But it also enables you to create a whole sequence of tasks for your students that can be made up of any resources that you can add to Life (e.g. files, pages, blogs, quizzes etc.)

In Life 2 we have made a few changes to the learning activity following customer feedback:


1. You can copy a learning activity.
This enables you to use an existing learning activity as the basis of a new one or even to create 'template' learning activities for your own or others' use.

2. Published learning activities are fully editable.
If while your students are undertaking a learning activity you realise it needs 'tweaking' to meet their developing needs and understanding you can now do this. (Please let your students know though as they may think they have finished all the tasks you've set and not be expecting another one!)

3. It is possible to undo marking a task as complete.
When a student has finished a task they mark it as complete both to show their progress and to 'lock down' their contributions. In Life 2 teachers or tutors are able to unlock these tasks if a student has marked them complete in error or wishes to add additional contributions. It is also possible when setting up a learning activity to choose to allow students to unlock their own tasks.

4. The navigation within and interface of the learning activity has been improved to give a better experience for users.

We are working on videos to show you the learning activity in action - watch this space.

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