Introducing the Life 2 sound recorder

Posted by Lara Savory on 15 July
Introducing the Life 2 sound recorder

We have many schools making great use of the existing sound recorder. From children commenting on each other's learning to teachers creating audio spelling quizzes.

However there were two aspects that many of our users asked if we could improve on. Firstly there was no way to manage the audio files created - they were hidden - and secondly that the recorder used the Silverlight plugin which caused issues for some users.

So goodbye Siverlight and its confusing messages - the only message you will see now is the privacy confirmation that you will allow your microphone to be accessed.

And audio files created in the sound recorder will be treated like images and files added into a resource. They will be stored in the attachments folder so can be copied, moved, renamed and deleted. The new sound recorder even has the ability to give the sound clip a name once its recorded so it will be easier to identify later.

The video below shows you the new sound recorder in action:

If you are unable to view the embedded YouTube video above, then please email and we can send you a direct link.

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