Life 2 upgrade for our UK & European schools

Posted by Lara Savory on 09 September
Life 2 upgrade for our UK & European schools

We will be working over the next few weeks to do the final work needed to upgrade schools to Life 2. The sites will be upgraded ready for Monday 21st September.

At 5pm on Friday 11th September we will take a copy of the current Life sites to migrate them to Life 2. We will then perform extensive testing to check that the data is successfully migrated. During this time schools will still be able to use their current Life site, but any changes that are made will not be saved to the upgraded version.

When we are satisfied that all the testing and checks are complete we will switch the LifeCloud platform over to Life 2. Schools will be able to access the site in the same way as before - it will just have the new look.

There are several quick tasks that site administrators will need to perform before the 11th September deadline to ensure a smooth migration. These are outlined in an email that was sent to schools in the past few days. The information is also available to logged in LifeCloud users on the Life Support site.

Thank you for your patience waiting for the arrival of Life 2, we're sure you’ll find it has been worth the wait.

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