"One of my favourite things" - Custom CSS

Posted by Abhisha Ahuja on 02 September
"One of my favourite things" - Custom CSS

I love the ‘Customise’ section within both site and page theme. There are so many options available to allow users to make their site their own - even without any knowledge of web design.

However the section I like best on this page is ‘Custom CSS’. Click on the download button and you have a copy of the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) that you can then edit and reupload. This allows you to make more changes to the interface, than you can just through the 'Customise' options.

I like this feature because it is a secret key to unlock the hidden look of pages in Life 2...

If you know the power of CSS, then you will know exactly what I mean!

Abhisha is our UX (user experience) Designer.

Tags: Life 2

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