"One of my favourite things" - drag and drop

Posted by Colin Green on 19 August
"One of my favourite things" - drag and drop

I love the ability to drag and drop images or files straight into the content I'm working on - photos into a slideshow, a document with exemplar answers into a forum or just a button for a link into a cell.

There are so many things I like about this functionality, but of course the most significant thing is that it makes adding images and documents directly to content so quick and easy. I also like the fact that these are then automatically stored in the resources area attachments folder which not only makes it very easy to organise, but means the resources are available to use across the whole site by other editors. It's an extremely intuitive feature.

Being able to add files in this way will save time and effort for site administrators as they will no longer have to upload images and documents before inserting them and it will also make it much easier to share and re-use such resources across a site. Time and effort is a key issue in managing a web presence and anything that can minimise the time and effort involved will always be gladly received.

Find out more about dragging and dropping files in our Content editor post.

Colin is our Chief Operating Officer.

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