"One of my favourite things" - images in resources

Posted by Lara Savory on 22 July
"One of my favourite things" - images in resources

Posties are really small. An obvious statement I know.

However, children like to add pictures to them. It helps them get their point across quickly.

Currently in Life, some children remember to resize their images so that they fit in the posties. Others, not so much. And scrolling posties really don't look good.

In Life 2, when an image is added in to any collaborative resource - postie, blog, forum, wiki - if the image is too large for the space it is automatically scaled down to fit. So posties will always have small images in them.

It is still a good idea to teach students (and some colleagues...) to resize images before using them online but - particularly for younger students - this feature will be very useful.

The video below shows inserting images into posties in action:

If you are unable to view the embedded YouTube video above, then please email lifeideas@uniservity.com and we can send you a direct link.

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