"One of my favourite things" - the new resource list cell

Posted by Ben Tottle on 05 August
"One of my favourite things" - the new resource list cell

My favourite thing has got to be the "new and improved" resource list cell that users can add to their pages to give users easy access to documents and resources.

I like this cell for a number of different reasons:

The first being the automatic display of all your resources whether you remember to change the cell or not. It defaults to showing you the root folder without you having to make that choice.

The second reason is the added functionality of being able to display multiple folders in one resource list cell. Again, this happens by default. However you can untick the folder option when editing the cell if you only want resources in the selected folder to appear.

The third is the mini text editor within the cell. See below for more information!

I think the changes to the cell will be really popular with all our users, but particularly with those clients - such as secondary schools - who use their Life site to give students access to a wide range of documentation to support their learning. Here are a few of the benefits that I can see teachers being really pleased about:

1. The new set up ensures all resources and folders will display right away, so even if you forget at the end of a busy day when you are on your way out the door you can feel confident that your resources will be displayed to your audience the minute you publish the page.

2. Teachers will now be able to display all of the folders and the resources that they contain in one Resource list cell. This will allow teachers to fill up their pages with more interesting and interactive areas instead of having 4 or 5 cells spread across the page just containing files/resources.

3. Teachers have been asking for more space in the title to describe the resources that the folder contains. Previously they had to add a content cell above the resources if they wanted to provide instructions or information regarding their files. Now teachers are able to simply type this information when editing the Resource list cell and it will then display at the top of the cell for their audience.

Screenshots of the new cell are available in our earlier blog post, Changes to the resource list cell in Life 2.

Ben is our Learning Technologies Trainer and Consultant

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