Site theme v page theme

Posted by Lara Savory on 07 October
Site theme v page theme

In the original version of Life, the only thing you could change about the look of individual pages was their background. Other than that, all pages throughout a site or subsite were the same; same cell colours, same header etc.

Most of the time this is just what you want - a coherent look across a site or subsite. It helps people to know where they are and makes your site look more professional. And 9 times out of 10 it is the site theme you want to change. You can do this by going to the Admin area of the site or subsite and then choosing the Site theme tab from the Site settings options. You can then choose a template theme or customise all the elements of the theme for your site. See Changing your site theme in Life 2 for more information.


Sometimes you want a particular page to look different from the rest of your site. Perhaps you have a page for a topic where you want a background and header that reflect that topic. Or maybe you're running a competition and want the competition page to really stand out.

To change the look of a single page, click on the edit resource option in the top right hand corner and go to the Page theme tab. You can make nearly all the same changes that you can to your site but they will only apply to the page you are on.

If you make changes to an individual page theme then any changes you subsequently make to your site theme will not apply to that page. If you had added a background to an individual page in the original version of Life then that page won't inherit any changes you make to the site theme as it has its own theme. To revert the page to the theme for the rest of the site use the Inherit from site option on the Page theme tab.

The two areas are very similar - the templates are the same for instance - so a quick way to check whether you are editing the site theme or page theme (other than checking what it says at the top of the page of course!) is that in site theme all the tabs will be blue as it is an admin area but in page theme all the tabs will be orange as it is a resource editing area.

Site theme tab Page theme

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