We like Life 2!

Posted by Lara Savory on 02 December
We like Life 2!

When we were developing Life 2, two of our drivers were ease of use and improved user interface. We knew we'd achieved these from our perspecitve, but it's the feedback from customers that really shows Life 2 delivers:

"Staff are very impressed with the improvements made - website updates have been much more regular, new staff have found content creation straightforward, and site admin is much simpler. Well done - great job."

Headteacher, Cheshire West

Oh wow, it’s so fast. And so easy to use.

Teacher, Brisbane

"Life 2 is a superior version of Life in so many ways.  It's much easier to edit, add pictures and you can now add videos. Security is set automatically saving a lot of time when anything new is added to the site.  But one of the biggest changes for me has been the yellow publishing bar -  knowing that something has been changed but not published at a glance is amazing."

IT Technician, Hampshire

"In terms of the usage and user friendliness of Life 2, as a school, we are very happy with it. We all find it easy to use and are all happy with the outcomes of it!"

ICT Leader, Cheshire East

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