e-learning services
e-learning services

Choosing the right approach for your organisation will determine the success of your e-learning solution.  We can help ensure your readiness for the project, shape the best solution and technology and ensure we define how to measure success.

Our experienced team will work with you at every stage to support the successful implementation of your vision.

The TAs were positively buzzing following adding forums to their class pages! It was lovely to see them so excited following your training!
Customer feedback from our training sessions

We provide comprehensive training session tailored for your needs, which allows us to achieve the following:

  • gain a clear understanding of the drivers for success when implementing a Learning Platform
  • be able to identify:
    • the priorities for online learning in your organisation
    • the initial and on-going support mechanisms needed
    • required expectations for staff & learners
    • an outline implementation action plan, with our guidance and support

All sessions are delivered by an experienced Learning Technology Consultant.

Appreciate your clear structure and efficiency of trainers... I found that going through each process & shadowing was very useful... Helpful to be hands on as well as watch...
Feedback from The Church of England for our training sessions
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